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In an effort to improve our products we have revamped the PayPal Booster Ultimate.

PayPal Booster Ultimate is here and it's yours!

We pride ourselves on providing methods that work! There are those that assume that a 3 page report lacks value.... In our opinion we would much rather cut out the bones and give you the meat. Yes, our reports are short but who wants to swim through a bunch of contrived drivel just to get to the nuts and bolts of any system or method? I hope this is not how you perceive value.

We are here to assist you in turning these methods into cold hard cash. If you ever have any questions then please email us, we are here to help.

We get thousands of emails every day from people all over the world and we respond to all of them. If you email us we will get back to you just give us some time. When you purchase one of our products you get free updates for life. We NEVER send out or sell information or methods that we ourselves have not tried and tested.

Tried, true and tested.

So enjoy the PayPal Booster Ultimate and as I said before if you have any questions or need help to get started then email us we are here to help.


Firstly, if you have not yet a PaySpree account you need to register right now. For free account, click here.

👉 Note: The PaySpree username must contain only lowercase letters and numbers.


john ✔️  johndoe ✔️  john123 ✔️

John ✖️  JohnDoe ✖️  John123 ✖️

Once registered at, complete your profile for PaySpree by adding your information that is required. Select PayPal as your "Payment Method" and then enter your PayPal email address where you would wish to receive payments.

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PayPal Booster Ultimate sells for $4.99, as an affiliate you will earn 100% commission paid instantly into your PayPal account.

Our affiliate program works a little differently to what you might be used to. Instead of earning a percentage of each sale you make, you receive a percentage of the total sales, paid directly into your PayPal account. This works out the same amount but there is no waiting weeks or even months for your commissions, you always get paid instantly to your account.

The table below illustrates how you are paid for your sales:

      Sale #         Commission $

1                     $4.99
2                     $4.99
3                     $4.99
4                     $4.99

... and on and on in that same pattern.

To get your ready-made PayPal Booster Ultimate sales page and PaySpree promotional link, you will need your PaySpree username and then you will need to add it to the end of the link below:
👈 Your username goes here


Click Here To Get Your PaySpree Promotional Link

When someone clicks through your PaySpree promotional link, they are automatically redirected to the sales page of the PayPal Booster Ultimate (known as money making website), and a "cookie" (a small tracking file) is dropped onto the device the visitor is using. This "marks" them as coming via your promotional link.


ongratulations. Your sales page is ready to do its job. You may now proceed to step 2. We will discuss how to sell the method, which will not be a difficult thing to do. You will not have to ask people to buy the PayPal Booster Ultimate, you will not have to send mails and post on forums... but if you want to do it, you still can. It's your choice, but not needed.

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You have five different options to advertise your PayPal Booster Ultimate method and get lots of $$$ every day. First, you have to select how many clicks you want to buy and then the type of exposition on NeoBux. I suggest you to start slow, you don't have to spend thousands to get people to discover and buy the method, just start for a simple 2500 clicks solution (it cost only $5), the cheapest way for sure to sell the PayPal Booster Ultimate. Then, when you get more cash, remember that you can advertise even more, AND get even more money every day without actually doing anything.

Now you may set up the advertisement with the promotional link you have created.

You could write your own Title and Description.

Here is an example:

Title: PayPal Booster Ultimate

Description: Transform Your PayPal Account Into A Cash Making Machine!


👉 Note: Don't Forget to Use Bitly URL Shortener!

Bitly is an online service that allows you to take a long URL ( and shorten it (to something like

When you are done setting up the advertisement on NeoBux, just relax, go outside or do something that you haven't been doing for a while because you were so busy working. Life is meant to be enjoyed and money to shared. Wait and see magic happening the next time you open your PayPal will blow your mind.


Congratulation for beginning your first ad campaign on NeoBux, you will quickly see the results of this campaign by checking in on your PayPal account and be amazed seeing your main balance growing as each day passes. But don't stop till you get enough. If your page is good enough, you may try to sell your product on other websites. THEY will do the work for you, while you just sit and watch 📺 TV or have fun somewhere. You can also register in the following websites, if desired:

The Best & Most Trusted PTC Sites:

1. NeoBux Since 2008
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2. WordLinx Since 2003
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3. ClixSense Since 2007
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4. BuxVertise Since 2014
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5. GPTPlanet Since 2010
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6. ScarletClicks Since 2009
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👉 Note: Don't Promote Your Promotional Link on Facebook!

I believe that Facebook is blocking ANYTHING they deem as commercial or something that they could potentially make money from. If you post a link to a website that sells ANYTHING, they will block it unless it's a known advertiser of theirs.

It's their platform, they make the rules.

Don't like it? Then pay up.

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👉 Look. This is important....

You just made your first sale! Wondering what happens next...?

Send Thank You Email To Your Customers:

Here is how to send thank you email to your customers:

> Log in to your Email account

> Click on the button "Compose"

You can send 👇 this email to your customers:

To Copy: First, select the text you wish to copy. Press down the Ctrl key with one finger and hold it down, then press the letter C with another finger.

> At the bottom of the page, click "Send".

Sky is the limit for you and you can sell PayPal Booster Ultimate anywhere and replicate what I have done in less than a few weeks. Remember, once your sales page is ready and your ad is on NeoBux and these websites, money will literally explode in your PayPal account.

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